Future of the Office: People to Work or Work to People?

23 September, 2021

Part:1 Real Estate Valuers’ and Employers’ Perspectives
Dudley Home-Turner- Head of valuations & Partner at Carter Jonas LLP

  • Recent occupier market trends
  • Homeworking vs. office working: Corporate perspective
  • Offices Trends in Europe
  • Effect on the Market

Part:2 Tenants’ & Employees’ perspectives 
David George – Managing Director @ iPWC Ltd. in the UK & CEO of CRUX Workplace in the US

  • Return to the office 
  • Traditional vs. Hybrid Working
  • Flex Workspaces

The world is witnessing an attitude shift towards the return to the office and remote work. Worldwide optimization of smart working through an increased use of technology is the employee quest for work-life balance more attainable and making companies rethink their need for traditional office space. 

PRAXI Valuations, in collaboration with UK member Carter Jonas, examined the market trends around a new approach to work that are impacting the real estate industry, companies, and employees.

Dudley Holme-Turner shared insights on the shifting demands in the Offices sector, particularly in the UK and Europe, and the impact on office fundamentals. The silver lining is that, while office valuations have been negatively impacted, the retail sector has been hit even harder. This trend has been more largely felt in major cities, like London, that are suffering on multiple fronts.

David George shared research about the new needs and transitions in how we consider the workplace. After at least a year of wide spread hybrid working, there is solid evidence of the rising demand for hybrid office spaces, a shift towards more collaboration, and a surprise finding that while we feel more productive working at home, we tend to work more while producing the same result.

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