We act as independent experts for real estate close-end funds and asset management companies, and support them on acquisitions and investments/divestments. Institutional clients rely upon our valuations for spin-offs and disposal/optimisation programmes. Client portfolios contain up to hundreds of assets valued at billions of euros. Our task is to determine the individual and combined value of the properties, by applying recognized appraisal approaches: comparison, capitalisation, discounted cash flow (DCF) and in some cases, cost.


We support the lender real estate financing process with an integrated collateral valuation system used to set up new financing/leasing operations and evaluate a portfolio’s existing real estate collateral. Thanks to our highly specialised professionals and our sophisticated IT flow management system, we are able to process a full range of real estate financings, from major development operations and large investments to assistance in the disbursement of mortgages/loans for retail clients, for first-time homebuyers or for refurbishment projects.

Due Diligence

We support property companies, funds and investors with technical/normative due diligence on individual properties, as well as real estate portfolios designated for transactions, corporate operations and real estate financing. The property types we assess include tertiary buildings, industrial complexes, commercial centres, tourist venues and business properties. We also have vast experience assisting banks, leasing companies and investment funds in the field of renewable energy production plants.