No Tie Real Estate

01 March, 2021

By Maurizio Negri – Director PRAXI Valuations – Global Independent Advisers

A few days ago, editor of the online magazine “Il Quotidiano Immobiliare” published an article entitled “A little less ugly, dirty and bad” in which he highlighted how managers and players in the Italian real estate industry have gradually improved the way they turn up at events, interviews and online webinars without the unkempt and neglected look of the first months of COVID.

Taking my cue from this article, I would like to highlight what I see as the “glass half full” of the current situation.

Certainly, I don’t mean to sing praises of the sloppiness and unkemptness and I agree that once the adolescent age has passed, adults should be aware that even clothing as well as behaviour must be appropriate to context and circumstances.

I think, however, that the experience of this very long period of semi-lockdown can help us in the real estate community to eat humble pie, paying more attention to the essence of what we do and what we say.

I hope that, after Covid, the no tie real estate community will be represented by people and companies who are proudly aware of their own values, and less conceited and snooty than they were in the past.

I would suggest that our authoritativeness is no longer considered as a sort of “vested right”,¬†shown to the world by a pinstripe suit and matching tie, but is based on professional competence and passion for our work.

Finally, I wish that all real estate players with or without a tie would keep in mind that our core business, real estate, is not simply an object or an investment target, but it shapes the world we live in. Hence, our task with our competencies and skills should be to make it, day after day, a better one.

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