PRAXI Valuations 2021 Autumn Summit in Milan

30 November, 2021

Milan, Italy – November 25, 2021 – We were finally able to gather members from 7 countries in Milan on November 25-26, for the first in-person PRAXI Valuations 2021 Autumn Summit since 2019.


Thursday kicked off with Vito Crosetto, Chairman and Maurizio Negri, Director, welcoming members in person after more than two years. Members shared local updates and reaffirmed the network’s vision and mission before moving on for one on one speed networking.

On Friday, the summit’s focus shifted to EU climate regulation and the professional impact of ESG. Chris Grzesik of Polish Properties introduced the steep GHG targets in place and the pressure they will place on the market as well as our clients. Enrico Vissio of PRAXI, gave an overview of Italy’s progress on renewable energy sources and how PRAXI Energy is helping clients take advantage of the resources the government is making available. Finally, Ioannis Orfanos of Arbitrage opened a broad discussion about the complexities of ESG and how valuers can help provide clarity.

“Collectively, we have an extraordinary opportunity to usher clients into a new era of Real Estate valuations, where valuers are uniquely positioned to act as trusted advisors due to their independence and objectivity” said Maurizio Negri, Director.

The PRAXI Valuations 2022 Spring Summit is expected to take place in Paris, France.

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