PRAXI Valuations 2024 Spring Summit In London

21 May, 2024

London, May 21, 2024 – Our 2024 Spring Summit brought together our members from across Europe to discuss pressing issues, share market insights, and explore innovative solutions in the Real Estate valuations industry.


  • Ceusters (Belgium)
  • Colomer Expertises (France)
  • WKN Real Estate Advisors (Ireland)
  • PRAXI (Italy)
  • Fundreal Capital Partners (Luxembourg)
  • Axi Immo (Poland)
  • Winterhill (Romania)
  • Gesvalt (Spain & Portugal)
  • Carter Jonas (UK)

The summit commenced with a visit to Battersea Power Station, kicked off by Sam Cotton, Head of Asset Management & Leasing. Participants gained valuable insights into the site’s history and development strategy, before touring the remarkable project.

Nikodem Szumilo from The Bartlett Real Estate Institute delivered a compelling presentation on the transformative potential of generative AI in the real estate sector. While demonstrating AI’s capabilities he also addressed common misconceptions, emphasizing its accessibility and efficiency.

Members shared insights on market trends, threats, and opportunities in their respective regions. Topics ranged from retail and office market dynamics to the impact of high inflation and geopolitical factors on real estate markets.

Maurizio Negri, Network Director, concluded the summit with a session on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations in real estate valuations. The discussion highlighted the growing importance of accurate energy consumption data and its implications for financial institutions.

“Our latest summit underscored the value of collaborative efforts and the exchange of expertise among real estate professionals”, stated Maurizio Negri, adding “As the industry faces dynamic challenges and opportunities, our network remains committed to fostering innovation and growth through shared knowledge and strategic partnerships.”

Dates for our upcoming Autumn summit will be shared soon.

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