Re_think Hotel Design: A Fresh Perspective from Marina Baracs

29 April, 2021

As the pandemic rages on, the dynamics of luxury hotel design are shifting. Many questions arise as to how recent hospitality trends will impact hotel projects and existing properties in the future.

PRAXI Valuations invited Marina Baracs, Director Europe of LTW Designworks, to our 2021 Spring Virtual Summit to share her views on the growing adaptive measures taken by hotels to blend in with the new normal, meet the millennial expectations and continue providing the sense of place and experience that guests strive for.

Highlights from the Speech: 

  • Pre-pandemic scenario: Where the international luxury hotel industry was heading before the pandemic.
  • Trends in Lifestyle Hotels: Why most international luxury hotel chains are creating new brands of lifestyle hotels. Who are the target guests and how do these hotels operate differently?
  • Post-pandemic scenario: An opportunity for growth, where adaptation and flexibility must be applied to ensure future success.
  • Co-Living with Covid:

– How hotels can adapt new strategies to respond to new ways of using space both during pandemic & non pandemic times

– Space management: Privacy vs shared spaces, and accommodating changes in consumer behavior

– Enhanced use of technology for mobile workers and hotel staff, and new approaches to sustainability

About Marina Baracs

Marina Baracs is based in Milan, Italy, where she is Director Europe for LTW and in parallel runs her own Hotel Design & Consultancy studio. With over 18 years of experience as Partner of LTW Designworks, specializing in Hotel & Resort interior design, she is currently involved in expanding projects in Europe and North America. Originally upon joining the company in 1996 in Singapore, Marina worked on several prestigious five-star hotels in Europe, Africa, North America and Asia.

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