Spain Insights: 2021 Real Estate Trends

01 April, 2021

By Gesvalt, Spain
In their 2021 Real Estate Trends Report, our member Gesvalt (Spain) recaps the uncertain and topsy-turvy Real Estate market in 2020 by examining the general market situation and highlighting some of the unforgettable challenges experienced in the market due to the global health crisis. The report goes on to provide insights on some of the latest market trends in Q1 2021 and beyond, touching upon the most recent situations in the various property markets: retail, housing, logistics and rural.
2021 Real Estate Trends: General Situation

At the end of a year scarred by the health and economic consequences of Covid-19, we are at the beginning of a massive global vaccination campaign. The speed of economic recovery will depend on how fast and effective this process is. On the other hand, the increasing number of cases after mid-year and restrictions on mobility and activity in many countries that had completed their lockdowns led to higher uncertainty in Q4 2020. These two circumstances guide the current projections, since they will drive major economic indicators during the next year.
To read more, click here to download the report.

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