Success Story: 25 Years of Oil & Gas Valuations

13 December, 2023

By Victor Stan, Co-Managing Director, Winterhill (Romania)

The Oil & Gas industry is a world of its own.

Only a very few industries react as quickly to the known and unknown stimuli triggered by the complex web of changes tied to political, economic, environmental and technological advancements.

This sort of unpredictable behavior reminds one of the well-known “butterfly effect” a central point of the chaos theory, stating that a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon area, could, in principle, trigger a typhoon in Indonesia. Valuers in the real estate industry, especially working closely with Oil & Gas assets, often find themselves in such situations. How? By “putting a price on the unknown”, as popularly referred to by many market analysts.  

Still, amid the ever-increasing challenges and volatile environment, Winterhill has accumulated tremendous experience in valuing assets worldwide that cover all segments sectors of the oil & gas industry over the last 25 years.

Here are some of the projects undertaken by the firm over the years that have led to its expertise in the industry and strong relationships with clients from around the world:

  Upstream (E&P – Exploration & Production)

  • 60+ valuation reports of Offshore drilling rigs spread across 4 continents, using the classical valuation methods as well as econometric modelling. Our valuers hold the necessary training and permits enabling them the access on the offshore rigs to perform the inspections.
  • 80+ valuations of platform support, firefighting & emergency vessels complementing the offshore operations.
  • Land drilling equipment – thousands of assets located in the MENA region, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc.
  • Oil well equipment, hole tubing, pumping and cementation units, etc.   


  • 12 large oil terminals in Turkey, Ukraine, Romania
  • Pipelaying and cable-laying vessels
  • Existing marine transshipment facilities and future projects
  • Road oil tanker fleets including hundreds of vehicles


  • 8 valuation reports concerning large oil refineries, including Nelson Complexity Index estimates.
  • Petro-chemical plants
  • Over 400 gas station valuations in Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Turkey, Moldova, France, etc.

This success story not only reflects the firm’s milestone, but it also showcases the team’s ability to mitigate risks and uncertainties in uncertain times. The challenges posed by the Oil & Gas industry will certainly continue in the years ahead, but our commitment to offering services covering the entire spectrum of valuation and consultancy, to investment funds, banks, multinationals and major industry players worldwide will remain the same.

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